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"I met Dr. Perzov many years ago with the hope of finding comfort with a new dentist as well as comfort in my mouth.  Through the years I’ve had many problems and finally decided to go a different route, which would mean incurring more expenses.  Thanks to Dr. Perzov,  I was given back the smile I longed for as well as the comfort I needed for many years.  Basically, I had to have major reconstruction.  Down the road I once again, with the help and support of Dr. Perzov and his fabulous staff, had to make the decision to get a full upper denture.  I will never forget the day I had my last few teeth removed and began on a new phase of my life.  The strength from everyone in the office completely and totally got me through a really tough time emotionally. 

Today, I can smile proudly, eat anything I want, and never ever feel like I have a denture in my mouth.  Like myself, my husband also had issues but because we had a dental insurance plan, Howie decided to stay with that.  Well, as time went on, Howie required more dental work and today my husband is also a very satisfied patient of Dr Perzov.  Of course financially there is a difference, but when you are in the hands of a perfectionist, there is no one that can come close to the wonderful care we have both received.

I know no matter what time of day, I can call his telephone number, and I will be in touch with the dentist I have complete faith in.  Of course I would have loved to continue with my Union dentist and save some money over the years, but sometimes it is not about the money, but the comfort level and the smile I feel proud of.

I can only praise Dr. Perzov and his staff for the warmth and compassion I especially received during those tough times."

- Ilona and Howie Felsen


"Dr. Perzov has been my primary dentist for about 20 years.  In this time, I have had new crowns, regular fillings as well as normal annual check ups.  I could not be more pleased with the quality of the work and care given by Dr. Perzov and his staff.  The procedures are done quickly and thoroughly with the least number of additional visits.  Most important is there is never any discomfort with any of the procedures I have experienced.  I can honestly say I enjoy my visits to the dentist.  I sit back, listen to either the excellent music selections or watch a little TV while the work is done.  I think I have even dozed off once or twice.

 The entire office staff is professional and friendly, helping to make the experience at the office a real pleasure.  How often can someone say this about his or her visit to a dentist office?"

- Peter Hirschhorn


"We have been patients of Dr. Perzov since 1986 and in all the years he has been our dentist, we have never even thought of changing dentists.  His equipment and procedures are always up to date and his first concern is about you, the patient, and what is best for you.  Numerous times after he has done major work he will call to make sure you are all right.  If you have an emergency, he and his office staff will always get you in as soon as possible.

Speaking of the office staff, you could not find a friendlier or more knowledgeable group of people.  From the hygienists to the dental assistants, everyone is concerned about you, the patient, and making you feel comfortable.  Barbara and Terry in the front office are as good at their jobs as Dr. Perzov is at his; you are always greeting with a warm smile and a pleasant greeting and there is no problem they cannot solve.

We have recommended Dr. Perzov to many friends and family and we’ll continue to do so."

- Ron and Diane Crowe

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